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LiquidGuard. – proven efficiency against SARSCov-2

Permanent protection against infection from an antimicrobial coating spray. A nanoCare product.


Conventional disinfectants are good; but the use of antimicrobial coatings is the perfect add on. They have a lasting effect and offer long term protection 24/7. LiquidGuard kills anything that can be detrimental to personal health, from a minor annoyance to a dangerous threat, such as bacteria, fungi and notable viruses. Particularly during the course of a spreading pandemic, questions of hygiene and infection prevention are becoming increasingly important. At nanoCare we provide answers. With solutions that last. Liquid Guard is effective agains SARSCov-2

Infection prevention through antimicrobial coatings

In times of flu waves and multi-resistant pathogens, protection means one thing above all else: precaution. Frequent hand washing, wearing a mouth and nose cover or keeping a safe distance should prevent common infection possibilities. One way to contract infection is through air transmissions, from atomisation or from surfaces through the risk of smear infections. Our antimicrobial coatings are effective against the latter. They work as a permanent surface disinfection.

What antimicrobial coatings do during pandemia


  • Virucidal effectiveness. Effectively fights  SARSCoV-2 and influenza A.
  • Antibacterial surfaces. Broad bactericidal effects, even against multi-resistant germs thanks to physical action.
  • Fungicide against fungi and spores. Common sources of infection are baths and showers or fitness equipment. LiquidGuard promises a permanent fungicidal function.
  • Mould-inhibiting. Smooth, fibrous and unstructured surfaces benefit from a long-term fungicidal effect
  • Odour inhibiting. The anti-fouling effect results from antibacterial activity. Decomposition processes are contained.
  • Dermatologically tested. Clothing or face masks have an antimicrobial effect and guarantee skin-friendly protection against infection.
  • Mite-free zones. These little pests feed on skin scales, but also on moulds. LiquidGuard is therefore particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers.
  • Resistant surfaces. Surfaces coated with LiquidGuard are protected on a the nano-scale by a wafer-thin layer of glass. This makes them more to scratch resistant.
  • For your Safety. LiquidGuard does not contain any substances of concern such as SVHC, fluorine, PBT or vPvB. The application is safe and user friendly.



Sources of infection are often found in the external environment. The sources of danger are droplets or aerosols. And, of course, through contact/smear infections from surfaces.

Sick and elderly people become more dependent on increased hygiene standards. Hospitals in particular have a high density of different germs. And these often have multi-resistance. The reason is obvious: As germs and bacteria are widely combated through the preventative action of antibiotics, the negative aspect of their evolution is revealed through the survival of the fittest and their mutation. Bacteria develop resistance, so conventional drugs become ineffective. If smear infections are inevitable, surface disinfection is obligatory. LiquidGuard acts as a permanent protection against infection by providing bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal protection:

  • Ultrasonic heads, stethoscopes or electrodes
  • Handrails, door handles, bedsteads or table tops
  • medical equipment

LiquidGuard also guarantees protection against infection when bacteria and viruses can enter the body practically unhindered. In catheters or tubes, for example. Place your trust in the LiquidGuard antimicrobial coating through preventative surface disinfection. Instrument protection goes hand in hand with patient protection. And that can save lives.

Nursing homes and old people’s homes


Nursing and retirement homes are also a focus of infection prevention. As in hospitals, operators can benefit from comprehensive antimicrobial surface protection. Risks are posed by the fragile health of elderly people and those in care. Chronic illnesses, wounds – such as pressure sores or inadequate oral hygiene weaken the immune system and make even minor infections a threat. However, the increased use of antibiotics – similar to the situation in hospitals – also raises the question of infection prevention. LiquidGuard meets the challenge by offering permanent infection prevention through surface protection. Surfaces which benefit

  • Control panels in intensive care or quarantine wards
  • Surfaces with high risk of infection (e.g. door handles & shelves)
  • Floor coverings and sanitary facilities

Emergency service and transportation


When it comes to first aid at the scene of an accident or medical emergency, rescue services perform vital work. Ambulances are similar to mobile medical practices or small hospitals. At least as far as basic equipment and, of course, hygienic standards are concerned. Contact and smear infections carry significant risks here. By employing an antimicrobial coating such as LiquidGuard, the risk of surfaces becoming potential carriers of germs around the rescue vehicle is eliminated. Sustainable and permanent.



Amongst the beneficiaries of LiquidGuard technology are fitness studios. Key here is the variety of equipment and devices, which all involve sitting and handling on benches and bars. Barbell benches, spinning and rowing machines or leg presses. If you want to achieve lasting protection against infection in the gym, elimination of the transmission of germs from these surfaces, which act as transmission routes, is crucial. This has massive relevance for the gym goers themselves. When training with massive strength exercises or intensive endurance schedules , the immune system can become temporarily compromised. This so-called open-window effect makes athletes more susceptible to infections. LiquidGuard provides preventive protection against infections on surfaces:

  • Sports equipment (dumbbell & barbell, Kettlebells, treadmills …)
  • Beverage vending machines & water dispensers
  • Massage chairs and sunbeds
  • Door handles
  • Showers and toilets

Your customers benefit longterm. Not only on the equipment, but also in the changing room and sanitary facilities. Antimicrobial coatings play their role here too. Besides virucidal and antibacterial performance, comfort is supplied in the knowledge that surfaces are fungicidal. Invaluable in wet areas.



If hoards of passengers are sitting in the tightest of spaces, things can get tricky. Since COVID-19, this predicament within aviation has become a matter of general awareness and concern. Antimicrobial coatings provide preventative protection against infection on all high risk surfaces.

  • folding dining tables
  • serving trays
  • Buttons and control panels for light and ventilation
  • sanitary surfaces on on-board toilets
  • door handles & seat backs

Office & Work


Where people work closely together on a daily basis, infection prevention must be a top priority. No matter whether in open-plan offices or small businesses. The antimicrobial coating from nanoCare provides preventive protection against infection where smear infections are a daily threat:

  • Control panels and buttons on machines
  • PC keyboards and touch displays of company cell phones or tablets
  • Door handles and sanitary facilities
  • Water dispensers & coffee machines
  • Surfaces in ventilation systems
  • Stainless steel railings and elevators including controls

Public institutions


Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, there was a temporary shutdown. Not only private institutions, but also public authorities, schools and universities stopped operating. In order to achieve a sustainable infection prevention for all occupants, antimicrobial coatings are a highly suitable option.

  • Elevators & control buttons
  • Writing utensils in public authorities like residents’ registration offices
  • floor coverings in gymnasiums
  • sanitary facilities
  • Door handles and operating buttons of payment machines
  • ceramic surfaces in toilets & shower rooms

Applications on surfaces


You can use LiquidGuard on conventional smooth surfaces such as

  • Glass, metals
  • Wood, ceramic, stone
  • Natural materials, composites

This includes air filters for furnaces, air conditioning systems, air cleaning equipment, motor vehicles and vehicle parts.

Antimicrobial coating of building materials


Prevention is better than a cure. To provide lasting protection for building materials against mold and fungal attack, LiquidGuard can be used as an antimicrobial coating. Benefit from enhanced performance on:

  • Roofing materials (such as roof tiles, foil, felt, carpet underlay or synthetic coatings)
  • Components and building materials such as stainless steel
  • concrete products (dry concrete and mortar mixtures)
  • Stone Slabs

Self-disinfecting surfaces for daily use


Every day we touch our smartphones, door handles and tables. Turn these everyday objects into self-disinfecting surfaces. For lasting protection against infection simply use LiquidGuard.

  • Smartphones touch screens, monitors or laptops
  • Worktops without food contact
  • Vacuum cleaner bag & filter
  • furniture such as tables, chair backs, drawer handles
  • Sports equipment (dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, etc.)
  • Bathroom (handles of electronic toothbrushes)
  • Toilets & toilet boxes
  • Containers such as bins or storage boxes

Textiles and fabrics


Repeated disinfection of clothes? That’s not necessary anymore. LiquidGuard antimicrobial coating makes fabrics and other fibrous surfaces (natural and synthetic, woven and non-woven) self-disinfecting. Furniture, upholstery awnings can also benefit.

  • Mouth and nose cover. Masks aim to protect you against infection, but also tend to promote germ formation. LiquidGuard provides double protection.
  • Sports & Outdoor. Synthetic sportswear, tents and sleeping bags are exposed to sweat, water and temperature fluctuations in outdoor areas.
  • Clothing and shoes. Clothing, leisure wear; also pyjamas, socks, hosiery, underwear, gloves and uniforms; footwear (boots, shoes and accessories)
  • Furniture and interior. Upholstery (textured and smooth) & furniture; Pillow & mattress covers; Sheets & blankets; Bedspreads
  • Garden and terrace. Awnings and sun sails can be antimicrobially protected.
  • Bath & shower. Towels & shower curtains. Condensation and strong temperature fluctuations promote mould.

The secret of success.

How work self-disinfecting surfaces protected with LiquidGuard?

LiquidGuard is an antimicrobial surface protection that gives longterm protection. This distinguishes our product from conventional disinfectants. Of course: substances such as chlorine dioxide or hydrogen peroxide also have a bactericidal and sporicidal effectiveness. Though their mode of action is chemical in that they split off oxygen as an oxidizing agent. And that means: Their effectiveness is time limited .

LiquidGuard as Game Changer


nanoCare is achieving a paradigm shift in the field of infection prevention. LiquidGuard antimicrobial coating, transforms surfaces into fields of sharp-edged blades of carbon molecules.

At a nano scale, we are therefore translating the bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal functionality into physical properties. Whereas in conventional disinfectants chemical processes lead to the eradication of microbes, in antimicrobial coatings negatively charged cell walls are attracted by positively charged nitrogen molecules. The result: the sharp-edged surface structure physically destroys the cell walls of pathogens. The bacterium decays.

The physical efficiency is the reason why multi-resistant germs don’t stand a chance against antimicrobial coatings. From now on, no bacteria can settle and survive. Therefore, the future belongs to this form of surface sealing.

Shield and sword for surfaces


Antimicrobial coatings guarantee lasting protection through property interaction. Not only does LiquidGuard have a virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal effect; nanoCare coatings seal the surface by forming an ultra-thin glass layer. This provides lasting protection against micro-scratches, corrosion and UV radiation. This is how we achieve the unexpected. Sustainable infection protection combined with modern surface sealing.