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Casestudy Banteer Community Childcare

Casestudy Banteer Community Childcare

Keeping public and staff work environments continuously clean has come at enormous cost to businesses across Ireland. When Mary Murphy, Manager at Banteer Community Childcare was introduced to Liquid Guard by contract cleaning company Touch Clean, she quickly realised the benefit in supplementing their cleaning only approach with Liquid Guard Antimicrobial Surface Protection solution. Liquid Guard Antimicrobial Surface Protection has been applied to touch points throughout the facility like entrance gates, sanitary stations, door handles, door push plates, table tops, work tops, IT and communication equipment and bathroom sanitary wear. Liquid Guard has proven antiviral and antibacterial effectiveness against a wide range of bacteria and viruses, including; SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID19), TGEV coronavirus, Influenza A, MRSA and many others. The product is applied as a stay clean coating providing long-term full-kill antimicrobial performance on all hard surfaces. This nano coating is ideal in communal danger zones where bacteria thrive and infections spread.

Banteer Community Childcare Impressed by Touch Cleans Liquid Guard
nano technology and the simple one-off annual investment, Mary saw the appeal. She explains: “Returning to work post lockdown the safety of our staff, children and their families was our number one priority. We wanted to find a way to minimise the spread of infection and the science behind Liquid Guard is current best practice to complement our cleaning
procedures. “All major touch points throughout our facility have been treated with a product that will ‘self-disinfect’ for at least 12 months. We feel better protected against COVID-19 as a result” The proven benefits of antimicrobial surface coating technology, provides assurances, with an extra level of protection to complement cleaning procedures, which limit the transmission of infections. By working with Touch Clean who carried out the application of Liquid Guard Antimicrobial Surface Protection, Mary and her team have significantly reduced the chance of infection transmission from touch surfaces for the next twelve months or more.
Banteer Community Childcare are just one organisation that have chosen this innovative method of protection along with schools, restaurants, offices, retail outlets, and churches.

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